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Ship's Log: Updated October 10, 2007

Feasting on Isla Mujeres

Life here has been pretty slow. We lazily putter about, swimming, riding bikes, and doing as few chores as possible. However, we are reviving our plans for post-hurricane season; we won't be here forever! See the updated Routes page for details.

We have also had some incredible feasts!

The Fabulous Lobster Feast

"No good deed goes unpunished," as the saying goes. Well, recall that Christopher rescued a stranded lobsterman and his boat a while back? And was paid with a bunch of lobster heads? That we helped him eat?

Well, the lobsterman was still so full of gratitude a month later that he flagged Christopher down. As Chris came alongside in his dinghy, the fisherman started tossing lobster heads into his boat--and wouldn't stop!

Soon after, we heard knocking on our boat, and came out to investigate. There was Chris in his dinghy, sorting through a huge pile of lobster heads. And pleading with us to help him out---there were so many, what could he possibly do with them all?!

And just how many were there in that pile??

Well, we are never ones to refuse a friend in need, so we immediately set to helping him!

First, there was the mandatory inspection by the Gellie-dog.

Yep, they pass the sniff test.

Next, off come the whip-like parts of the antennae. Tracy and his machete rise to the task. Wow, those are some prickly Spiny Lobsters!

Next, we had to round up pots big enough to boil the monster heads in. Between Stingray's and Landfall's galleys, we rounded up as many big pans as there were burners on the stove. And since Stingray's stove has one more burner than Landfall's, Stingray became the galley of choice for the feast.

Christopher set a lovely table, made scrumptious garlic butter for dipping, and then piled our plates high! We ate and ate until we had our fill, and then some. Farah insisted on sitting right between us, and eagerly awaited every spilled morsel. She didn't get much!

Completely stuffed, we retired to the cockpit and contemplated what to do with the leftovers. We were all sated, and, while grateful for the abundance, at that moment we were just too lazy to deal with cleaning the rest of them!

Fortunately, the dockmaster just then happened to ride by on his bicycle. "Hey, Elmer, do you like lobster?" He stopped, and sure enough, he did like lobster. Christopher set him up with a plate and a head.

Soon, another dock worker came by. "Hey, Herman, come on over; do you like lobster?" Well, sure enough, he did, too, and out came a plate and a head for him.

And then Shorty, up from a Sunday afternoon nap (induced by too much tequila), ambled over. "Hey Shorty, you want some lobster?" "No, man," he said, "You got any tequila?" Well, of course, we did have some!

It's always a good thing to be on good terms with the dockmaster and dock workers, and that evening cemented the friendships.

Epilog: Three weeks later, on a showery, gray day, Tracy is pulling the dinghy out of the water to give the bottom a much-needed scrub. Herman, Elmer and Shorty are on the dock, and, seeing him, they immediately jump up to help him get it out of the water and onto the dock.

They watch as Tracy starts to clean the bottom, and then jump right in to help. They ask if he has any more brushes, so he brings them out...but they have better brushes, and Herman quickly returns with three huge ones.

Then they ask if he has any soap, so Tracy comes back with our soap. Herman trots off again, to return within moments with better soap! Then they ask Tracy for scrapers, which he produces ...but again, Herman emerges with better scrapers!

Finally, they ask Tracy for wax. He gets ours. They wax the dinghy, but when they're done, they don't like the result, so they go get their own (markedly better) wax, and re-wax the entire dinghy!

It's gorgeous!

Tracy tries to pay them for their help.

"No, Tracy, we can't take your money; there's nothing else for us to do because it's raining, and besides, you're our friend!"

Invite to a Pig Roast

We were at Ballyhoo, the small restaurant on the public dock, having a beer after Sharon's SCUBA certification dive. Sitting at a nearby table was a group of folks, and we eventually joined in the conversation.

Turns out two of the couples are former cruisers, and we all had a lot in common. The next thing you know, Charles and Mary are inviting us to a pig roast at their home on the south end of the island. Wow!

Three days later, we're off to catch a taxi to the feast. But first, we had to wait out a rain squall that hit just as we reached the main road. Christopher's friend Henry just happened to be visiting then; lucky timing!

The roasting process itself was completely unglamorous, though it smelled heavenly! In fact, the roasting itself was downright graphic! Most people don't know where their food really comes from, and we would bet that most people prefer it that way.

That day, we all came face to face with our food source. If you are squeamish at all, don't look! But I can attest, it sure tasted good! Thank you, thank you, Mr. Pig! And Charles and Mary for inviting us!

The Ladies' Sunset Wine and Sail Fest

While out with a group of friends one evening, Christopher decided that the women needed a sunset sail. Since none of the other women were sailors, Sharon got an invite, too. Late one afternoon, we loaded up Stingray with more bottles of wine than women, and he chauffeured us out to watch the sunset.

And a beautiful sunset it was!

Stay tuned...

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