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Where Are We?

Use these clues to guess where in the world we are talking about.

It's the coldest August that you will ever see, and the closest point to where the penguins swim free. Part of this place could be described by a piece of Superman's costume, the other part of its name is why we give a rhino lots of room. To it's left we have cyclones, but to the right hurricanes. Where's Landfall?

It's the closest country to America without touching it. They eat conch fritters and jerk their chicken. They speak English but its odd how they pronounce it. The water is warm and clear with the coral bright, you can see the bottom on a moonlit night. Dozens of islands make this small country up. Where's Landfall?

Half of this place's name is spelled with A's, separated with just an M and an N. The name starts out with the same letter as what you do at recess. It makes for a heck of a shortcut from one ocean to another. There they say "hermano" instead of "brother". Where's Landfall?

We crossed the International Date Line going East to West. If the tropical line running through it were a person it would have been born under the sign of the "goat". It is best to see their famous opera house from a boat. It's desert is vast, and babies long to get out of mommies pouch at last. Where's Landfall?

The largest river in the world runs through it's vast jungles. It stretches from the Equator to well south of the Tropics. It's neighbors speak Spanish, but it's citizens do not, although the two languages sound a lot alike . Where's Landfall?

Answers can be found on this page. Don't look until you've fully explored where in the world we could be!