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Ship's Log Index

2014 in Cocoa Beach, Florida

March 15: Current Log (Closing the book)

2013 in Cocoa Beach and Orlando, Florida

March 9: Hopeful Log (Closing the chapter)

2012 in Cocoa Beach and Orlando, Florida

September 6: The Big Changes (ARCpoint Labs; Marriage; Critters; House sitters; What's for Fun?)

January 22: Dealing with the Unexpected (Back in Florida; Surgery; Lulu; Happy Holidays with Family)

2010 in Panama and Cocoa Beach, Florida

October 2: Changes and More Changes (New house sitters in Panama; San Antonio; Construction continues; July parties)

June 10: Tracy is Home (and Panama house progress, a Cocoa Beach condo, and a Shuttle launch)

March 20: Welcome Guests! (and Tracy's coming home; new boat shed; Zumi zooms, need house sitters)

January 19: Happy Holidays! (and Goodbye Bull; Welcome Peace Corps Michelle; fun in Kandahar with celebrities; shopping in David; kayaking with the Dolphin Bay ladies; more bugs; and a new bird!)

2009 in Panama

November 15: Traveling in the USA (mid-year reunion in Atlanta; motorcycle trip; family time)

September 28, Cerro Velero: A Closer Look (local food, plants, parties and bugs; Afghanistan transportation)

August 15, Cerro Velero: Building Progress with Garry; Shopping Spree; Solar Power)

June 5, Cerro Velero: Waterworks (and Tracy the MET Trainer; house doors; more bugs)

May 2, Cerro Velero, and A Bit of a Change in Plans. (Tracy in Afghanistan, a visit to California, and continuing construction)

April 7, Cerro Velero, Welcome Visitors! (Beau Watkins, Dan Bowman, and Patrick Rose)

February 24, Cerro Velero: A Roof, Windows, and the Burrows' Visit

January 13, Cerro Velero: Happy New Year!

2008 Arriving in Panama and Finding Cerro Velero

December 11, Cerro Velero, Panama: Framing and Hammering

October 31, Cerro Velero, Panama: Plantin' Poles and Fillin' Holes (and more house building)

October 6, Cerro Velero, Panama: Diggin' Holes and Pullin' Poles

September 10, Cerro Velero, Panama: One Building's Up on Cerro Velero, One More to Go

August 9, Cerro Velero, Panama: The Bodega (a.k.a. "The Man Cave") Rises!

July 7, Dolphin Bay, Panama: Cerro Velero, It Is!

April 14, Tierra Oscuro, Panama: Landfall the Darkland Lighter

March 15, Bocas del Toro, Panama: Savoring Bocas (and Ken and Kathy Carter's Visit; Tracy the Fixture Fitter)

February 15, Bocas del Toro, Panama: Hunkered Down in Paradise (and Justin Burrows' Visit; Looking for Land)

January 15, Isla Providencia to Bocas del Toro, Panama: Moving on Again

2007 Sailing! Alabama to Panama

December 23, Isla Mujeres, Mexico to Islas Santanillas, Honduras, then to Isla Providencia, Columbia: Christmas Greetings from Isla Providencia

November 27, Isla Mujeres, Mexico: Halloween Fun and Fiestas on Isla Mujeres (and Halloween Treats in California; Bowman's Thanksgiving Week on Isla Mujeres)

October 10, 2007, Isla Mujeres, Mexico: Feasting on Isla Mujeres (and Fabulous Lobster Feast with Christopher; Pig Roast; Ladies' Wine Sail)

September 18, Isla Mujeres, Mexico: Living on Isla Mujeres (and Watkins' Family Visit; SCUBA Diving; Sailing with Christopher; Iguanas and Turtles)

August 27, Isla Mujeres, Mexico: More Isla Mujeres Adventures: Hurricane Dean!

August 4, Isla Mujeres, Mexico: Isla Mujeres Adventures (Swimming with Whale Sharks)

July 20, Isla Mujeres, Mexico: Staying in Isla Mujeres for a While (Typical Day; Cuban Wreck; a Dog's Life)

July 8, Key West, Florida to Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, Mexico (Trip log; Repairs in Isla Mujeres)

June 21, Pensacola to Key West, Florida (Trip Log; Changes in Plans; Shark Attack!; Pinned Down in Key West)

March 20, Gulf Shores, Alabama to Pensacola, Florida

2001-2003 Early Travels with Landfall

Olympia, Washington to Half Moon Bay, California and Half Moon Bay to Mobile, Alabama